September 22, 2010

Who Am I ???

*Bred in Kentucky, I was a grandson of one of the greatest sires in American history.

*I won more than half of my starts during my four seasons on the racetrack.

*In my best season, I won an allowance by 7 ½ over a future Breeders‘ Cup winner, and then three straight grade 1 stakes.

*Popular with the bettors, I was bet below 2-1 on 17 occasions, including in each of my stakes wins.

*In my career defining victory, I was a romping winner despite spotting the runner-up twenty pounds.

*I may have been foaled in Kentucky, but I was a New Yorker, with all but one of my races taking place in the Empire State.

*My only trip outside of New York, was just across the Hudson, where I ran 4th, snapping a six-race win streak.

*The distance of my victories had a three-quarter mile spread between the shortest and longest.

*My greatest accomplishment was in doing something that only other three others could do. Unfortunately they are all in the Hall of Fame and I am not.

*As a sire, I produced a millionaire daughter, and a son who created quite a stir at Pimlico.

*I was surrounded by successful people; my owner, trainer, and regular rider are all members of racing‘s Hall of Fame.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Marti said...

Fit to Fight

Brian Zipse said...

First guess is a winner, well done Marti! It is Fit to Fight!

Marti said...

Thanks, easy one for me tonight...or, I'm good off the lay-off, lol

Glenn Craven said...

That didn't take long. Guess the "fourth horse" to do something, "other three in the hall of fame" was maybe the best clue.

Silent Sunday said...

Good job Marti!

John B said...

Good Job Marti!

LDP said...

Dang! I just can't seem to get one!

Nice job Marti.

Brian Zipse said...

Any single clue that did it for you Marti?

Marti said...

Thanks all

Marti said...

Brian, I just knew this one...knew FTF was the 4th horse to win the H'Cap TC...and the Scrappy T hint just cemented it

Brian Zipse said...

Glad to have you back Marti, and as always ... well done!

Marti said... in just under the wire from class tonight, was surprised I made it in time