September 7, 2010

The Breeders’ Cup - Early Top Fives

59 days to go ...

1. Temple City
2. A.U. Miner
3. Cloudy’s Knight
4. Alcomo
5. Hold Me Back

1. California Flag
2. Chamberlain Bridge
3. Smokey Fire
4. Fatal Bullet
5. Stradivinsky

1. Champagne D’oro
2. Rightly So
3. Sara Louise
4. Mona de Momma
5. Rapport

1. Tell a Kelly
2. Position Limit
3. Twelve Pack Shelley
4. R Heat Lightning
5. Wickedly Perfect

1. Midday
2. Snow Fairy
3. Stacelita
4. Red Desire
5. Éclair de Lune

1. Concord Point
2. Crown of Thorns
3. Warrior’s Reward
4. Trappe Shot
5. Bribon

1. Stay Thirsty
2. Boys at Tosconova
3. J P’s Gusto
4. Uncle Mo
5. Jaycito

1. Goldikova
2. Sidney’s Candy
3. Makfi
4. The Usual Q.T.
5. Courageous Cat

1. Discreetly Mine
2. Big Drama
3. Atta Boy Roy
4. Vineyard Haven
5. Here Comes Ben

1. Paddy O’Prado
2. Fame and Glory
3. Cape Blanco
4. Debussy
5. Gio Ponti

1. Rachel Alexandra
2. Blind Luck
3. Devil May Care
4. Biofuel
5. Evening Jewel

1. Blame
2. Quality Road
3. Zenyatta
4. Lookin at Lucky
5. Twirling Candy


danmunn said...

Cape Blanco and Paddy in the Turf for me. I sense F&G may not travel.....gut feeling.

By the 'contact' tells me it may be worth watching the opening maiden race at Doncaster on Thursday. I sense Nathaniel, a John Gosden colt by Galileo, may be about to put in a special performance en route to the Cup!

Anonymous said...


tencentcielo said...

I kind of wonder if Mona De Momma will make it back from her injury, since she still has not gotten back on the worktab. Is Sweet August Moon the 1st alternate?

and how do you leave off Life At Ten out of the Ladies Classic? Please explain.

LDP said...

Nice picks. Why Stay Thirsty over Boys though? Do you think Boys may not like the extra distance as much as Stay Thirsty?

On Sara Louise, I love her, but I haven't seen her in any races really recently. Is she being pointed towards anything?

I like Position Limit best right now. Two good starts in a row, one against some highly regarded other fillies.

I love Crown of Thorns and will be rooting for him. Discreetly and BD will be fun to watch too.

I think it will be fun to see if Goldi can gun down SC at a mile, especially if he proves his last wasn't a fluke in his next.

In the Turf I hope Paddy or Gio can bring it home for America. I'm tired of Euros taking over our races.

I know the LC is the most likely start for RA, but I hope they give her another shot in the Classic. However, if she does race in the LC, I don't think she is beat at 9 furlongs. She duel w/ LAT and still would've held off Persistantly had the race been that distance or even 9.5 furlongs.

Blame should be favorite for the Classic w/ QR right behind him. Zenyatta should be in there, but I would have her behind LAL. TC, if he were to win the Goodwood would have to be given a serious look. Talent like that can't be overlooked.

Brian Zipse said...

A maiden race to the Breeders' Cup??? Dan Munn, are you joking? Sorry Anonymous. Do not count out Momma yet. I can't see Life putting away Rachel and holding off all the good sophomores. Sara will be back soon. Kelly looked too good this weekend to put her anywhere but #1...

Steve Munday said...

I like that you have Blame on the top spot in the classic. I think L@L should be in the #2 spot though. No way QR gets 10f IMO.

Btw, I believe Vineyard Haven is pointing toward the Dirt Mile instead of the sprint.

Jonathan said...

Some confirmation for my selections so far. As much as I hate to take a US horse for the turf if it rides fast not sure what Paddy may end up having to beat.

A O'B's runners often seem obsessed with a lottery ticket in the Classic and rarely laid out. Paddy O for me.

Brian Zipse said...

I think Stay Thirsty (My Friends) gets the distance, I have my concerns for Boys. No way Quality gets 10f? Hmmm. We shall see. I know Vineyard is under consideration for both the Sprint and the Dirt Mile, I hope they choose the 6f.

LDP said...


I'm not contradicting you just pointing out little facts. Stay Thirsty does have a pedigree more obviously geared towards distance. However, Boy's sire Officer does as well, it just doesn't seem to show up in him or any of his offspring. Now, if you look at Boy's dam side you see stamina there too, which is personally where I like to see stamina. Perhaps, that stamina, may bring out the stamina infulences Officer never seems to pass on.

Brian Zipse said...

Like you said LDP, Officer has not sired distance horses. His female side has some distance influences, but it does not scream staying power. 1 1/16 should be within his realm, and that is why I have him #2, but 1 1/4 could well be too far him. Of course great horses have been known to outrun their pedigree. So far he looks awfully good.

NJDerek said...

Agree with most of these, but Wasted Tears and Proviso are noticeably absent. If he goes the sprint route, I think Crown of Thorns is very live - moreso than the Dirt Mile route.

Great list Brian...let the countdown begin!

Brian Zipse said...

Remember Derek, this is based only on who I believe most likely to win a specific race, while Proviso and Wasted Tears have had great years they do not crack my Top 5's.

Anonymous said...


You are way off for the Classic. The latest odds are for Zenyatta at number one. I suppose that the east coast bias of sportswriters will again insist that some other horse than Zenyatta will win the Classic. Last year I believed them and didn't bet on her. Well, I don't think any of you are any smarter than last year.

danmunn said...

Not at all, Bri. I was saying that Nathaniel will be putting in a special performance tomorrow en route to the Cup (i.e. first stop maiden then the normal token entry in the 2yo colts G1 on Arc day and then onto the Breeders Cup just like Pounced last year).

Watch out for him tomorrow

Brian Zipse said...

Not East Coast Anonymous, Midwest. Is there a Midwest bias? LOL. By the way, In East Coast - West Coast debates, more often than not I have sided with the Western horses. Right now, I like Blame best, Quality Road 2nd, Zenyatta 3rd, and so on for this year's Classic no matter what the future odds are.

I'll be watching, thanks Dan.

Anonymous said...

So if Zenyatta wins the BCC will you stay off Twitter for a month?

Anonymous said...

The best thing about being a racing "journalist" it that you can be totally wrong and not suffer any negative consequences.


Brian Zipse said...

LOL! Now why would I do a silly thing like that?

Phil, Isn't that what they say about Weatherpeople? We are all wrong more than half the time in this game. Anyone who tells you different is ... well, wrong.

william said...

like the lists...uncle mo looked mighty impressive, if he runs back to that watch out.....hmmmmm zenyatta still not getting the respect she deserves....ill be looking for the updates soon

Ernie said...

Stay Thirsty is a ballsy pick. You should try to bet him now. BIG price.

Warrior's Reward - another big price.

Here Comes Ben might be more effective in the Dirt Mile. Or not.

Mandella has always LOVED Crown of Thorns

Good work

Brian Zipse said...

Oh I respect her a great deal ... She is just not my top pick. Thanks Ernie ... can't pick all the favs.

Anonymous said...

Zipse, you are SO BIASED, I laugh at your "PREDICTIONS!" It's not hard to believe you'd have your "WONDER HORSE" Rachel on top of the Ladies Classic, and have the horse you continually ignore, Zenyatta, picked 3rd in the Classic. DO YOU HAVE ANY JOURNALICTIC CREDIBILITY LEFT? See you at Churchill, and try not to litter the floor too much~!