September 1, 2010

Who Am I ???

*Primarily an East Coast horse, only one of my wins occurred west of the Mississippi.

*My victories had a five eighths of a mile spread between the shortest and the longest.

*I was a champion who was bred and owned by a classic Kentucky farm.

*I went out with a bang, as my final career race was a victory on July the 4th.

*Despite coming within a nose of becoming a graded stakes winner in New York, I ended my juvenile season as a maiden.

*I defeated one Eclipse Award winner in all five our meetings, but in my only race against a multiple Horse of the Year, I was well beaten.

*Each of my grade 1 victories came at a distance of a mile and a quarter or more.

*I may not have been the runner that my brother was, but I did accomplish something important that he never did.

*My first five victories, four of them stakes, occurred at five different racetracks.

*I was undefeated in my final season of racing, but all my biggest victories came the year before.

*I owe a large debt of gratitude to Jeanne, as do many others.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Michael said...

I'll throw out the first attempt with Jade Hunter.

Heather J. said...

Going with Our Mims tonight

Brian Zipse said...

Sorry Michael, it is not Jade Hunter.

Heather, I am pleased to say ... you are tonight's winner!!!

Our Mims it is!

Ernie said...


LDP said...

I'm going to try Riva Ridge

Brian Zipse said...

Congratulations Heather J ... tell us how you knew it was 1977 Eclipse Award winner, Our Mims.

LDP said...

Or not, lol. Nice job Heather

Heather J said...

YAY!!!!!! Second you said Jeanne, I knew it was THE lady...sad I never got to meet Mims, but the rest of the ladies are wonderful too. I love OMRH!!!!

Heather J. said...

Brian, what I said in the above post, plus the brother clue....knew her bro was Alydar, so that confirmed it....Sweet Tooth was quite the broodmare :) What can I say, I am an OMRH lover LOLOLOL.

Brian Zipse said...

Awesome Heather ... I am happy that the clue of Jeanne (Mirabito) did it for you. Hopefully she, or one of her partners, Cheryl Belluci, will be on tonight to tell us more about Our Mims and their wonderful Retirement Haven.

And yes Alydar, Our Mims, and Sugar and Spice to name three, Sweet Tooth was one proud mama.

Jeanne said...

Oh, my, OUR MIMS! This absolutely wonderful horse stole my heart in 1977. I saw her on a news clip and thought she was the most beautiful horse that ever lived...23 years later, after traveling all over the U.S. I met her in person. AND SHE BECAME my OWNER!
She was my best friend. I would have died for her. If anyone wants to know what it is like to live in the presence of a champion...just ask me. Today, I devote my heart and every ounce of energy I have, to her memory.
Proof possitive that childhood dreams DO come true....Me and Mims...

Jeanne said...

Never was a horse more loved. Check out her tribute or check out the place where her name shall live
Thank you, Brian, you've made our day!

Brian Zipse said...

On behalf of myself and all of my readers, I would like to thank you, Jeanne, for everything you do for these wonderful horses.

Please tell us everything you want to about Our Mims and your organization (link, donations).

Jeanne said...

I fell in love with Our Mims the day she won the Coaching Club. I had NO connection to the race industry or Kentucky but did my best to follow her career. I lost track of her after she retired from racing. MANY years later, I found a cattle pasture...Our Mims became my official owner in February of 2000. My first thought each day and last thought each night, revolved around her needs. We were together for almost four years. I promised her I would never let her name be forgotten again. And I promised her I would do everything in my power to make sure other retired broodmares lived out their lives in dignity...well cared for, pampered and loved.
Since her death in December of 2003, we have housed MANY fine mares, including her younger sister, Sugar And Spice, and Taba, My Turbulent Miss, Iza Valentine, Jamra, Heros Hurrah, Exactly So, Hope Of Glory, Alabama Nana and more. From famous to not so much, our barn is open to all who have tried.
Current greats...Timeless Sue, grand dam of Bourbon Belle. Lotka and Bel's Starlet grace our barn...not to mention the beautiful Hana Bride, Missy White Oak, Ms Stalwart and Cruella!
Our "ladies" LOVE visitors but be warned...they'll charm the carrots right outta your pocket. We highly advise you NOT to look into their big, brown eyes for you will lose your heart.

Jeanne said...

Can you believe SWEET TOOTH? Was she awesome or WHAT!?

Jeanne said... or

BEWARE, I love to talk about this 1977 three year old filly champion!

Brian Zipse said...

That's a great story and phenomenal work Jeanne. I saw her win the Delaware Handicap that same year, and started loving her brother around the same time. It amazes me that she was just left out in a cattle pasture. You finding her was a blessing. Keep up the good work!

Cheryl said...

I would like to add that we are currently selling halters on eBay from current and past ladies. Our eBay ID is ourmims-org and we've got a halter and Mares-terpiece by Bel's Starlet up now.

We do have a "Donate" button on our main page at, too.

Jeanne has a blog at

If you go to and click on "Racing", you can see Mims' Coaching Club American Oaks win.

Thanks for highlighting Mims, Brian! She was quite the lady.

Brian Zipse said...

Thank you for the information Cheryl, and thank you for all that you do. ;-)