June 7, 2010

To Rachel or not to Rachel

That is the question.  I am heading down to Churchill Downs this Saturday for two somewhat disproportionate reasons; to see what should be a strong edition of the Stephen Foster Handicap, and to get my first glimpse of Rachel Alexandra this year. Sure the Foster is a big race, but truth be told, this is a Rachel trip. But will I see her?  Trying to get info out of Jess Jackson can be tougher than hitting a two-iron to an island green. The Foster, the Fleur de Lis, (both at Churchill on Saturday) the Ogden Phipps, and the Obeah Stakes, have all been mentioned as possible starts for my heroine. Secretive to a fault, Jackson leaves us with four races, three tracks, and two regions of the nation where she may appear in five days. Come on Jess, tell me, will I see her?
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ja.raymond said...

I just hope that wherever she runs, she wins! I wouldnt be surprised if Rachel herself is starting to lose faith in the whole thing, poor girl.
I strongly feel that she does exactly as she's told every time, and if she's not getting told "right", it's going to screw her head up. I've been saying prayers all spring that that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

She will be there.

Brian Zipse said...

I hope you are right!

LDP said...

We should all Rachel!