June 1, 2010

More From the Dudes

Part 2 ( Game on Dude)

ZAAT: Dude! Hey…glad I found you.

Game on Dude: “Oh, hey ZATT, how are ya? I wondered if I'd see you again.”

ZAAT: You bet Dude, It is always good to see you. How‘ve you been?

Game on Dude: “Ahh, you know. Strikes and splits, ups and downs.”

ZATT: I didn’t realize you were a bowler.

Game on Dude: “Oh yeah man. I love to roll…In a Tuesday night league and everything. We got a shot at the whole enchilada this year.”

ZATT: Nice Dude. I am sure that is fun to get away from the track sometimes. By the way, speaking of the track, congratulations on your Lone Star Derby win.

Game on Dude: “Thanks man. Texas was fun; good food. Grass was a little dry though.”

ZATT: Too bad about that Texas grass. It looks like you are enjoying the Belmont grass there.

First Dude: “New York is, well, I like it man. Lots to look at; got a new lady friend. I think we are going out for some Moo Goo Gai Pan later.”

ZATT: Uh...I see, is she a runner as well?

Game on Dude: “Not sure ZATT…that’s the difference between you and me. Your mind is always on the races.”

ZATT: Well not all the time, but I enjoy my job. My readers want to know your game plan for the Belmont.

Game on Dude: “It's a complicated race, man. Lotta ins, lotta outs. Fortunately Bobby has me adhering to a pretty strict, uh, training regimen to keep me, you know, limber.”

ZATT: Any specific plan for the race?

Game on Dude: “Yeah man.”

ZATT: Can you expand on that answer?

Game on Dude: “Huh?.”

ZATT: Your strategy for the race?

Game on Dude: “Yeah…you know, I’m just going to roll it, let it all hang out.”

ZATT: Pretty laid back, but I guess that is what you are all about.

Game on Dude: “Yeah man.”

ZATT: Best of luck in the Belmont, and take it easy, Dude.

Game on Dude: “Well, you know, the Dude abides.”

Special thanks to Joel and Ethan Coen, whose film The Big Lebowski, was a not so subtle influence on this piece, and were responsible for some of the quotes of both First Dude and Game on Dude.


LDP said...

Doesn't seem like he wanted to ellaborate too much, lol.

Brian Zipse said...

Slightly tight lipped, but off the record I heard some interesting things...