June 5, 2010

Special Guest Blog/Happy Birthday

By Michael Horvath

This is a special edition of Who Am I.....

 I was born in the year that Arts and Letters denied Majestic Prince from being the first undefeated Triple Crown Winner.
 It is appropriate that my birthday is Belmont Stakes Day 2010.
 My sire is Dr. Phil
 Although I'm a NJ bred, I currently stand stud in Illinois
 And yes, I love Candie!

By now, you should know that this is the man that has provided us with horse racing memories and games since August 2009 (and yes, pronounce the "e").

I'm not going to bore you with my attempt to be a writer (Steve Haskin's job at Blood-Horse is safe) but I did want to express my sincerest thank you from me, and I'm sure from all of you, for the time and effort Brian has put into ZATT.

Brian has thrilled us with the Zipse Awards, Remembering..., Who Am I, the Video of the Day, Daily Polls and most recently ZATT the Magazine. All comments are acknowledged. Discussion is encouraged.

So today Brian, take a load off. Sit back and enjoy the celebration that Belmont Park has arranged for you today (hey, it sounds good). You deserve the day off. In addition to analyzing the racing program, be sure to play a 4-1 exacta box for every race on the card.

Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!!


Brian Zipse said...

Thank you so much Michael. I am proud to have you as a friend.

And thank you to all who continue to read my work!

Ciarán said...

nice homage to Brian! record breakin derby on ur bday..and ya had the winner...cant ask for much more than that!! and keep it up Brian!

Michael said...

Well Brian, did you play the 4-1 exacta as I suggested? You would have cashed a $147 exacta (and it came out strainght just for you!).

LDP said...

Holy lord, what a day! It's Belmont Day, your Birthday and my Graduation!!! Brian, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Briaaaannnn. Happy Birrrrthdaaayyy tooooo yooouuuu!!! Right now I'm just on cloud nine, I hope you are too.

Brian Zipse said...

No Michael, I did not have the 4-1! :(

Congrats Dani! Enjoy your major accomplishment!