June 19, 2010

Mighty Mouse Attempts to Delay an Express Delivery

Looking at today’s Pegasus Stakes at Monmouth Park, I can not help but think of deceased comic Andy Kaufman. One of Kaufman’s funniest skits ever was his rendition of the Mighty Mouse theme song. As the record player played the entire theme song, Kaufman waited to belt out the key line, “Here I come to save the day!” Funny stuff. Rumor has it that the modern day Mighty Mouse, Jackson Bend, has been heard exclaiming the same thing as he uncoils his rally in major races up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Whether or not the mighty little chestnut colt actually says it, few know for sure. If he does not actually do it, maybe rider Jose Lezcano should, to strike fear in the competition…”Here I come to save the day!” I know if I was another horse in the race hearing that, I might become a little intimidated. Wouldn’t you?
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railrunner said...

Jackson Bend and Lookin At Lucky are hard for me to separate this year, I think Lookin At Lucky is the better race horse but both are huge favorites of mine because they always throw their hearts on the line in every race. I'm hoping for a huge win from Jackson Bend (perhaps not margin-wise) and continued brilliance throughout the rest of the year. He's too good to finish the year without a win.
He's a little bit like the Hard Spun of this year I think, except that he ran into monster performances right off the bat this year and hasn't been able to post a win yet. Eventually he'll get his moment to shine just like Hard Spun when he defeated Street Sense in the Kentucky Cup Classic.
I actually like Afleet Again and Schoolyard Dreams to finish in the top three.

Brian Zipse said...

Railrunner, No doubt Jackson Bend is high quality, but I think you got the main competition wrong...Afleet Express is a runner!

LDP said...

I can't wait to see Afleet Express, I've heard such good things about him. I also can't help to root for JB, so little and so gutsy. He's like the little engine that could :)