April 8, 2010

Who Am I ???

*My career began in state bred races, in fact almost half of my career starts were in restricted races.

*Yes, I ran on the First Saturday in May, but unfortunately, I did not win.

*Undefeated as a juvenile, my largest margin of victory came in my first career start.

*In my only career grade 1 stakes win, I defeated two Eclipse Award winners.

*Throughout my entire career, I proved to be quite popular with the bettors.

*My father won four grade 1 stakes, and my daughter won five.

*My trainer and jockey were both victorious in the Kentucky Derby and are in the Hall of Fame.

*I finished 3rd in my final race, which ended a four race winning streak.

*My broodmare sire was also a Kentucky Derby loser, eleven years before me.

*My conditioner won the Kentucky Derby the year before I tried for him.

*If you want my honest opinion, I think Mr. Musselman is both genius and entertaining.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Matthew said...

Indian Charlie!

Brian Zipse said...


No wrong guesses today... a first!

Congrats Matthew!

Matthew said...


Brian Zipse said...

How did you know it was the 1998 Kentucky Derby favorite, Indian Charlie, Matthew?

Matthew said...

The fact that the trainer won the Derby the previous year, combined with the statebred clue, got me thinking of Indian Charlie, and the "Musselman" clue hammered it home.

Matthew said...

Just a new player who's loved these in the past and saw the post at the right time!

Brian Zipse said...

Awesome Matthew. I was not sure how many people would get the Musselman reference.

You are this week's champ, so be sure to come back next week to defend at 5:30pm EST.

LDP said...

Nice job Matthew. How'd you get it?

LDP said...

Whoops never mind.

Matthew said...

Back in 2001, with a mare with Roberto blood, I narrowed down my breeding decision to (1) Indian Charlie (standing for 10K at the time), whose broodmare sire Leo Castelli was same tail-female as Hail to Reason, and (2) breeding back to Louis Quatorze (also 10K). You can guess which stallion I chose. Hindsight is 20-20, or even 20-10 since I saw years later the True Nick for the Indian Charlie cross was A++. Today is a tiny bit of karma for that wrong decision.

CiarĂ¡n said...

what's the musselman clue about then Brian...this WAI...left me clueless..

Brian Zipse said...

Sorry to hear about that breeding mistake, Matthew. Indian Charlie is one hot sire.

Ciaran, Eddie Musselman puts out a controversial but popular racing newsletter called "Indian Charlie."

tencentcielo said...


Didn't you use Indian Charlie as a clue in a "Who Am I?" last month for In Excess?

Brian Zipse said...

Not by name, but yes I did, tencentcielo. Reciprocal clues can make life easier!