April 4, 2010

Ode to Eskendereya Musket Man

You probably expected me to compose a celebratory piece about a certain Wood Memorial winner today, didn’t you? In a day that was absolutely dominated by a sublime performance by a three-year-old rocket named Eskendereya, I instead offer my readers a different perspective on the beauty of a horse, and the race. Sure it was easy to marvel at the magnificence of Eskendereya as he effortlessly cantered free from quality opposition, barely slowing down on the fast lane to Louisville. I, however, found an even greater amount of joy in watching a horse in a losing effort only 36 minutes later on the same Aqueduct Racecourse. His name is Musket Man and Musket Man is the embodiment of everything I admire in a Thoroughbred horse.  So much so, that today I immortalize him on the pages of ZATT.

Musket Man O’ Musket Man
Whenever you run I believe you can
A gorgeous dark bay with a powerful stride
You always give your fans quite the ride
Thundering hooves and flowing mane
Your competition finds you impossible to tame

I am never afraid to be your admiring tout
For I know on race day you will run your heart out
In the Carter Handicap you may have lost by a nose
But with the race you ran your stock still rose
If you run a bad race it will be your first
More likely you will win each race with a burst

Last year you made noise on the Triple Crown trail
This Breeders’ Cup you may be the colt we all hail
New York, Philly, Tampa, Chicago, Kentucky and Baltimore
You have earned your fans and we are hardcore
Six nice wins already to your credit
There will be many more I believe in fact I will bet it

Ten lifetime races and each time you impress
You have become a great favorite of mine I must confess
Now I vow to follow you both near and far
For me you will never be anything but a star
I will search for your name in hope to see you run
For you Musket Man the best is yet to come

Photo by Sue Kawczynski      
Poem by Brian Zipse


Michael said...

Zipse talents are endless!!!

ja.raymond said...

Wow! Thats really nice, Brian!! I enjoyed that!
You should do that more often! :)

Anonymous said...

I give the Derby to Eskendereya. Just hope he doesn't get stuck out in a bad post.

tencentcielo said...
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LDP said...

I was very impressed with him yesterday. I thought WR would probably be the one to throw a wrench in Munnings vs Musket Man race, and he proved me right. What I wasn't right about was my first thought that WR would run right by MM as they came down to the wire, but MM proved how big of a hear he has, and dug right back down. He'll get the next one for sure.

Jennifer said...

Great twist. :) (I did expect an article about Eskendereya. LOL) Enjoyed reading about Musket Man. Wonderful horse.

Brian Zipse said...

Thanks for the kind words all...and tencent, this was completely the wrong time to get on the soapbox with unsubstantiated suppositions.

william said...

very nice poem brian....now we will look for you all over the country following musket man...racing need more fans like you and more horses like him..

AlbertO said...

Dat was great lol i luv MUSKET MAN!!! He's like a super hero!!

belles forever said...

lovely! Musket Man =heart.he is just one cool horse!

Gary Lee Sexton said...

Zips, you are quite the poet. Musket Man was all heart and I look forward to watching him this year.

Vivian said...

You're getting pretty brave there Brian.....and doing a wonderful job! I look forward to even more poems from the racing industries nuber one fan.