April 29, 2010

Down and Derby – It’s Awesome!

The waiting is almost over. The final moments of anticipation disappear, as the clock ticks closer to seeing twenty of the best three-year-old Thoroughbreds in the world test themselves in the most exciting two minutes in sports. I feel the importance of the moment as my palms sweat and my breathing shallows. The final seconds seem to move in super slow motion as the horses circle behind the two Kentucky Derby starting gates and are led into their ultimate date with destiny. One of them will be two minutes away from immortality. We are almost there. The 136th Run for the Roses is upon us, and it is finally time to get Down and Derby!!!
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LDP said...

Awesome Act has a fantastic shot and will probably be moving with the best of the closers in the stretch. If it turns up muddy I think it would be stupid for anyone to try and doubt him.