October 1, 2010

The ZATT Zone

What you are about to read is a small chapter from a series of works called the ZATT Zone. I believe you will find that it is a very special kind of series. One that explores the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind and the nature of all things. There is only one goal in the telling of these stories, and that is entertainment. Entertainment, for you the audience.

In the reading of these stories you will be sent down a path of infinite possibilities. A journey of wonderment so vast the only place these stories can be housed is in the human mind. So grab a beverage of your liking, sit back and strap in, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. For you my friends, are about to enter … the ZATT Zone.


Today’s story is called Belmont or Bust, and it is about two men who are bound by a singular, common ideal. Picture, if you will, these two men hurtling down a highway, armed only with a Daily Racing Form and hopes and dreams of seeing great horses and of picking winners. Their story begins innocently enough in a normal sort of place, in a normal sort of town. From there, the journey these two men will unknowingly embark on, will forever change them in ways beyond what they could ever imagine.

Passing by the quiet towns of Indiana, and the farms and industry of Ohio, over and through the mountains of Pennsylvania, and the swamps of New Jersey ... the names of these men are Zipse and Zenner. Two ordinary men who happen to fancy the ponies. It was Zipse’s idea to go to New York, and more specifically Belmont Park. While Zenner was only an agreeable participant. The trip to Belmont proved uneventful enough, and the day at the races for the two men was progressing nicely. A few cashed tickets, good friends, good horses, and good times.

As the horses entered the starting gate for the day’s feature, a strange wind blew in and the sky went purple. Zipse thought the starting gate bell was louder than he had ever heard before. As the first hoof pounded the ground to begin the race, everything had changed. They felt it. Zenner looked at Zipse who was suddenly endowed with an afro and a groovy mustache. Zenner, whose mutton chops were covering half his face, yelled “what just happened?”

Zipse was stunned but never took his eyes of the horses. Honest Pleasure was on the lead. Zenner stared at his racing form and could not believe what he was seeing … It was indeed October 2, but the year jumped of the page at him in three dimensions … 1976! He grabbed Zipse by the shoulder and shook. “Where are we?”

Just then announcer Dave Johnson proclaimed, “Forego is 6th on the outside.” Zipse turned to Zenner and said, “Watch the race. Something tells me this is gonna be a good one!”


All they were looking for was a horse racing adventure. The best laid plans of mice and men, and Zipse and Zenner, for they have just entered the ZATT Zone.


SalB said...

This could be the funniest horse racing blog I have ever seen. Thanks for the laugh, it was absolutely hilarious!

Brian Zipse said...

LOL, I don't know about all that, but I am glad that you enjoyed it SalB!

Unknown said...

Fascinating....but eerie. Keep going.
I like timetravel :)

Sharon M said...

LOL! Very entertaining, Brian! I look forward to the next episode! I like time travel as well!