October 5, 2010

32 Days and Counting … ZATT’s Breeders’ Cup Rankings

1. Temple City
2. A.U. Miner
3. Eldaafer
4. Alcomo
5. Unusual Suspect

1. Winter Memories
2. White Moonstone
3. Roxy Gap
4. New Normal
5. Fancy Point

1. Champagne D’oro
2. Evening Jewel
3. Rightly So
4. Sara Louise
5. Sweet August Moon

1. Summer Laugh
2. Tell a Kelly
3. Wonderlandbynight
4. Awesome Feather
5. R Heat Lightning

1. Midday
2. Red Desire
3. Éclair de Lune
4. Hibaayeb
5. Ave


1. Blind Luck
2. Havre de Grace
3. Devil May Care
4. Life at Ten
5. Biofuel

1. Rough Sailing
2. Soldat
3. Major Gain
4. Air Support
5. Pluck

1. California Flag
2. Chamberlain Bridge
3. Rose Catherine
4. Fatal Bullet
5. Stradivinsky

1. Musket Man
2. Tizway
3. Here Comes Ben
4. Crown of Thorns
5. Warrior’s Reward


1. Stay Thirsty
2. Boys at Tosconova
3. Uncle Mo
4. Jaycito
5. Pathfork

1. Goldikova
2. Violon Sacre
3. Gio Ponti
4. Sidney’s Candy
5. Paco Boy

1. Discreetly Mine
2. Big Drama
3. Atta Boy Roy
4. Girolamo
5. Kinsale King

1. Paddy O’Prado
2. Workforce
3. Al Khali
4. Fame and Glory
5. Bourbon Bay

1. Blame
2. Zenyatta
3. Lookin at Lucky
4. Quality Road
5. Espoir City


Anonymous said...

Good job...I would have Zenyatta #1 in the Classic, but other than that, I agree.


NetworkEmpowerment said...

Agree with most of your top fives, though I may change up the order on some. I do question why Paddy is still number one on the turf? I personally feel the same way, but I'm just curious as to you reasoning.

Brian Zipse said...

Zenyatta has a great chance, deserves to be favored, but I am sticking with Blame.

I thought Paddy O'Prado ran a big race on soft turf and first time at the distance. The BC Turf is wide open, and a lot matters on who comes from Europe, but Paddy can get it done.

Sarah Grice said...

You don't think haynesfield will place in the classic?

Brian Zipse said...

Haynesfield was a consideration for the five spot, but I feel the easy lead on a slow pace simply is not a possibility in the Classic. Not to mention he loves Belmont. He's a nice horse, but I have a big four for the Classic, and he is not one of them.

markinsac said...

Blame? Blame? Are you kidding me Brian? Blame who couldn't run down Haynesfield? Zenyatta has run everybody down. Blame won't finish in the money, he already peaked, Zenyatta has never peaked, her trainer has stated she's better on dirt. You seem to be rooting against Zenyatta!

Brian Zipse said...

Actually I want her to win, but I always keep my head and my heart seperated when handicapping.

SaratogaSpa said...

I see a ton of money going to Zenyatta, making Lookin at Lucky a very attractive pick -I really like his chances to beat everyone including the Queen Z

Unknown said...

Hi Brian - I have to agree with your Haynesfield assessment; love the horse but see him as a sucker bet here. Thanks for the picks.

NetworkEmpowerment said...

A loose on the lead Haynesfield is better than St. T or Switch.

Anonymous said...

zipster.......da turf mile should be a thing of beauty with world class implications,as you well know anything beats da CANDYMAN per " simon says."..lol...wins!!!!!!da classic i have never seen a better line up and i am tempted to play a superfector(straight)in the order that you have it!on second thought i will be fair and honest and without bias;flip zenyatta over blame with lucky and da road....zatts all!

markinsac said...

"When handicapping I want to follow my head, not my heart". OK, Brian, before Rachel retired, you had her ranked first on your list for the Ladies Classic, even though she was having a subpar year and Blind Luck had done so much more, plus everybody knows how you feel like Rachel. You have stated that Zenyatta is one of the best mares EVER! Yet you seem to think that "Blame" is good enough to beat one of the "Best Ever!" For those of you who have never seen Zenyatta race, put a target in front of her, doesn't matter if it's Haynesfield or Switch, she has run them down. One of you said Switch is no Haynesfield, true, but Haynesfield is no Gio Ponti!

markinsac said...

Oh yeah, one more thing, when Zenyatta crosses the wire, her ears are pricked, like she's not even trying. Haynesfield would have no chance against this great mare, no chance!

Unknown said...

No Curlinello in your juvy??

Ernie said...

Hoping for 4-1 on Blame.

markinsac said...

Maybe if Rachel Alexandra was owned by Ann and Jerry Moss and was trained by John Shirreffs, she'd be in the Breeders Cup the last two years. Instead she's burned out and retired. I'm sick and tired of the wrath towards Zenny's connections. They are great, caring people!

Brian Zipse said...

You and me both Ernie ... He is on my radar Roseann, but I do not know if he is advanced enough yet to make much noise in the BC.

Anonymous said...

2 turns at Churchill Downs is a whole different ball game than 1 turn at Belmont. Given the soft fractions Blame had a legitimate excuse to lose that race. I doubt Haynesfield will have the same punch with Rail Trip AND Quality Road hounding him the whole way. I predict that Blame will lay close to the pace and take charge at the top of the stretch. Zenyatta will run him down late with Looking At Lucky snagging 3rd late.

Nancy said...

Zenyatta on dirt for the first time against males facing the fastest pace she's ever ran against...no way she is #1. I'd flip your #2 and #3 picks.

Silent Sunday said...

I'll refrain and placing Gio right now, until after I see how he handles the mile distance at this point in his career. This guy is in a pinch...turf is his best going, but a 1 1/4 is his best distance of his options. I would still run him in the Classic, I think that gives him his best chance at a victory after Goldi proved soft going won't stop her.

In the Dirt Mile I would have Here Comes Ben #1 right now for the same reason I love Blame in the Classic...he loves Churchill and that distance should suit him just fine.

I love Z, or as Ernie has smartly coined her, the 50 foot woman. And I actually hope to see her win, but I'm still riding high on Blame. I think the gold cup worked as a great prep and we know he will be ensured a solid pace with Morning Line,QR and probably First Dude in there. In fact I think ML could be a big shocker horse, but I think Blame gets the jump and holds Z off. I really enjoy Lucky but I think he is a Silver Charm type who, if he gets to the front fights everybody off, but I don't see him getting to the front at the top of the stretch in here to have that shot.

william said...

cant wait to see uncle mo in the champagne a win there vaults him to the top of the list...zenyatta, zenyatta, zenyatta...blames nice but dont think he can handle her...here comes ben is not running in the sprint?...and brian you left mine that bird out of the mile? lol..bullet works