October 13, 2010

23 Days and Counting … ZATT’s Breeders’ Cup Rankings

1. Bright Horizon 7-2
2. Giant Oak 6-1
3. Eldaafer 6-1
4. Alcomo 8-1
5. A.U. Miner 8-1

1. Winter Memories 2-1
2. White Moonstone 3-1
3. Roxy Gap 6-1
4. New Normal 8-1
5. Together 5-1

1. Champagne D’oro 8-1
2. Evening Jewel 4-1
3. Rightly So 5-1
4. Sara Louise 6-1
5. Dubai Majesty 5-1

1. Tell a Kelly 4-1
2. Summer Laugh 8-1
3. Awesome Feather 8-1
4. A Z Warrior 7-2
5. R Heat Lightning 5-1

1. Midday 6-5
2. Red Desire 10-1
3. Éclair de Lune 8-1
4. Hibaayeb 6-1
5. Ave 8-1

1. Blind Luck 5-2
2. Havre de Grace 5-1
3. Biofuel 12-1
4. Life at Ten 7-2
5. Persistently 12-1

1. Rogue Romance 5-2
2. Soldat 6-1
3. Formosina 8-1
4. Air Support 8-1
5. Cozy Kitten 6-1

1. Fatal Bullet 8-1
2. Chamberlain Bridge 9-2
3. Rose Catherine 5-1
4. California Flag 4-1
5. Silver Timber 6-1

1. Tizway 6-1
2. Here Comes Ben 5-1
3. Crown of Thorns 4-1
4. Warrior’s Reward 10-1
5. Vineyard Haven 6-1

1. Uncle Mo 3-2
2. Stay Thirsty 15-1*
3. Boys at Tosconova 4-1
4. Jaycito 6-1
5. Pathfork 10-1

1. Goldikova 6-5
2. Gio Ponti 4-1
3. Violon Sacre 30-1
4. Paco Boy 8-1
5. Sidney’s Candy 8-1

1. Big Drama 9-2
2. Wise Dan 10-1
3. Girolamo 4-1
4. Smiling Tiger 6-1
5. Atta Boy Roy 12-1

1. Paddy O’Prado 6-1
2. Workforce 3-1
3. Al Khali 12-1
4. Fame and Glory 5-1
5. Behkabad 5-1

1. Blame 5-1
2. Zenyatta 8-5
3. Quality Road 5-1
4. Lookin at Lucky 4-1
5. Musket Man 20-1


tencentcielo said...

Absolutely no love for the horse who beat your dear Musket Man last out?

I must ask, why no love Etched?

Brian Zipse said...

Sorry ... Etched is not in my top 10 for the Classic, let alone the top 5. If he was pointing for the Dirt Mile, he would be in with a chance.

NetworkEmpowerment said...

Etched will probably go to the Mile if he runs in the BC, MM could go there or the Classic.

My picks as of now are QR in the Classic, then LAL and Blame. Ladies Classic are your first two and LAT. I like Big Drama for the Sprint, agree with your first two in the FM sprint then Dubai Majesty. I agree with the top three in the FM turf and of course I'll agree with you on Paddy in the Turf.

Brian Zipse said...

As of now, Etched is being pointed for the Classic.

Silent Sunday said...

The Turf Sprint to me is now a total crap shoot...this race will probably be one of the biggest payouts of the event.

In the Dirt Mile I really like Here Comes Ben as it comes down to a Haynesfield situation..he simply relishes the course.

I hope you're right about Champagne d'Oro, because that's where I sit too...would be nice to get 8/1 too. I could certainly live with that.

I want to lean towards Big Drama in the Sprint as I think the surface at CD plays to his liking, but Girolamo was very impressive to me last out and I think he will take it. Goldi, even with Paco Boy and Gio in there, to me, is still the lock of the BC closely followed by Blind Luck.

Joe DePaolo said...

I've made no bones about the fact that I'm fully on the Boys At Toscanova bandwagon in the Juvenile. In Stay Thirsty and Wine Police, BAT beat two horses who are both way better than anything Uncle Mo has beaten to date (w/out King Ramon even having to go to the whip, btw). Plus, I think the champagne was a taxing race, and I could see Mo struggling next out. Also, tactically, the race sets up WAY better for BAT. Mo will, surely, get some pressure up front. BAT worked out a real nice stalking trip in the Hopeful. A similar trip gets him to the winner's circle, IMO.

As far as the rest, I definitely wouldn't discount Proviso. She's a really tough mare. The Mile is going to be a spectacular race, that's for sure.

I'm intrigued by Champagne D'Oro too, although I question why Guillot took her to Keeneland to prep. His disdain for synthetics is well documented. Still, I look for her to bounce back.

And Musket Man's a cool horse. But I've got to watch him win one before I back him.

Great work, as always.

23 days!

Brian Zipse said...

Looks like Champagne is a popular filly ... Thanks Joe, and I have nothing negative to say about Boys, other than Mo is better! ;-)

Just made a change to the Classic and Mile, after hearing the news that Musket Man is Classic bound.

markinsac said...

Wow, LDP, i can't imagine ANY SANE HANDICAPPER throwing out Zenyatta in the classic. What have you been looking at? I guess you want to join the legions of "handicappers" who last year threw out Zenyatta and had egg on their face!

Cigar said...

I hope I can get 9-2 on Chamberlin Bridge at post time......LOVE him in the turf sprint.

Anonymous said...

great post thanks