October 31, 2010

Will You Survive ZATT’s Breeders’ Cup Contest???

Calling all Breeders’ Cup Players! You are all cordially invited to participate in the First Annual ZATT Breeders’ Cup Survivor Contest. We’re doing something a little different this year on Zipse at the Track … and the last person left standing will be the big winner! The rules are simple: Pick one horse in each BC race as your survivor selection, if that horse finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you survive and move on to the next race. The person who survives the longest will be crowned ZATT’s 2010 Champion. To add a little strategy to this game, you are only allowed to pick the morning line favorite in one race in a row. In other words, if you pick the morning line favorite in the first race, you are prohibited from picking the morning line favorite in the next race, but could go back to the chalk in the third race, and so on. In the event of a late scratch, it is dependant on the player to have either listed an alternate choice, or submit your new survivor selection prior to post time. In the event of a tie, the player who picks the most winning horses will be declared the winner. If still tied, total payoffs for the winning horses will be the final tie-breaker. The 2010 Champion will take their deserving place on ZATT’s Hall of Champions beside last year’s King Eric Kalet. They will also have the option of authoring a guest blog on Zipse at the Track on a racing subject, and at a time, of their choosing. All entries should be made as a comment on this blog, must include your name, and be submitted by Friday at 1pm Eastern. Have fun and good luck to all!


Anonymous said...

Lets talk turkey Mr. Zipse, what is the prize-I'm talking, cash, money, moola, the cheese, my tribute, the juice, the payoff, -give me a real reason to enter. Show me the money.

Silent Sunday said...

I came close last year, though under a different type of format. I'll give it another shot!!

joe_depaolo said...

A little busy over the next couple of days, so I'll have to post 'em now.

Marathon: Prince Will I Am

Nervous about this race more than any other. They're all mysteries at 14 panels. I'll take this one, who seems like he'll be able to run all day

Juvenile Fillies Turf: Winter Memories

Impressive turn of foot in the Miss Grillo. Not totally convinced she's a winner. But she should definitely beat the others that are coming out of the Miss Grillo, and that should almost ensure that she hits the board.

Filly and Mare Sprint: Champagne D'Oro

Thought for a second about Rightly So, with her incredible knack for hitting the board (but, of course, unless Mr. Battaglia prefers Dubai Majesty, I'd be in violation of the back-to-back ML favorites rule). I ultimately sided with Miss D'Oro, who figures to bounce back with a return to dirt. What I'm most disappointed about in this race is the fact that Nicole H will not draw in. I really liked her chances at a big price.

Juvenile Fillies: AZ Warrior

Loved her Frizette score. Though I don't make my own figures, the Beyer seemed to come back a little low. I think she's a standout in here. Much prefer her to Tell A Kelly.

Filly and Mare Turf: Red Desire

Very hard to pick against Midday in this spot. But doing so, would prevent me from picking the ML faves in the surrounding races. And so I have to take a shot here with Red Desire. Who I absolutely think will move up off of a troubled Flower Bowl trip. It might only be good enough to get her a distant second, but that's all I need.

Distaff: Blind Luck

Pace makes the race, and there is a ton of it for her to run at in her. This couldn't set up any better for the well-traveled Miss, who should close out a stellar 2010with a solid run in here.

Juvenile Turf: Pluck

If I miraculously survive to this pick, this one will, almost certainly, be my undoing. I can't take Master of Hounds, having just taken Evening Jewel. And so I'm left to take this one, winner of his last at Woodbine. Think he's the best of the N.A. contingent. Wasn't at all impressed with the horses coming out of the Pilgrim.

Sprint: Girolamo

He outclassed the competition in the Vosburgh, and I have a feeling he might do it again here.

Turf Sprint: Grand Adventure

I've got to hope he's better than he was in the Nearctic

Juvenile: Boys at Toscanova

If I'm still alive at this point, I'm hoping all of my remaining competitors have Uncle Mo, who I think, with all of the pace in the race, may finish off the board at a very short price. I LOVE Boys at Toscanova here. My pick of the weekend (So, congratulations Uncle Mo!).

Mile: Gio Ponti

With the welcome news that the Cat will be spotted appropriately in the Mile, I will take him to hit the board here. America's best hope in an absolutely loaded race.

Dirt Mile: Crown of Thorns

Like him on the switch from synthetic here. Good job by the connections resisting the temptation to go to the Classic. I think it pays off here.

Turf: Al Khali

HORRENDOUS trips for Al Khali in his last two. A positive rider switch to Mr. Leparoux should ensure a better trip here.

Classic: Zenyatta

How do you argue with perfection?

Good luck to all!

Brian Zipse said...

Joe D brings it with all the force of a tropical volcano! (obscure movie reference) I always wish the first to plunge a little extra good luck ... Go get 'em Joe!

Unknown said...

Marathon - Prince Will I Am

Juvy Fillies turf - Winter Memories

Filly Sprint - Switch

Filly and mare turf - Midday

Juvy Fillies- Awesome Feather

Distaff- Havre De Grace

Juvy Turf - Mantoba

Dirt Mile- Crown of Thorns

Turf Sprint - Bridgetown

Juvenile- Jaycito

Mile - Gio Ponti ( if the connections aren't idiotic)
Goldikova - alternate

Sprint - Wise Dan

Turf - Behkabad

Classic - Zenyatta

tencentcielo said...

Marathon - Precision Break
Juvenile Fillies Turf - Together
Filly and Mare Sprint - My Jen
Juvenile Fillies - Delightful Mary
Filly & Mare Turf - Red Desire
Ladies' Classic - Life At Ten

Juvenile Turf - Banned
Sprint - Kinsale King
Turf Sprint - Rose Catherine
Juvenile - Jaycito
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile - Thiskyhasnolimit
Turf - Bekhabad
Classic - Blame

NetworkEmpowerment said...

Marathon: Awesome Gem

Juve Filly Turf: Together

FM Sprint: Champagne D'Oro

Juve Filly: R Heat Lightning

FM Turf: Red Desire

Ladies Classic: Unrivaled Belle

Juve Turf: Master of Hounds

Sprint: Big Drama

Turf Sprint: California Flag

Juvenile: Uncle Mo

Mile: Court Vision

Dirt Mile: Crown of Thorns

Turf: Al Khali

Classic: Hayensfield

C and H said...

Marathon – Eldaafer
Juvenile Fillies Turf - Together
Filly and Mare Sprint – Evening Jewel
Juvenile Fillies – AZ Warrior
Filly & Mare Turf - Red Desire
Ladies' Classic – Blind Luck

Juvenile Turf - Utley
Sprint – Riley Tucker
Turf Sprint - Stradivinsky
Juvenile – Stay Thirsty
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile - Tizway
Turf – Bekhabad (Dangerous Mide if Workforce scratches and Bekhabad inherits favoritism)
Classic – Lookin at Lucky

Brian Zipse said...

The host's (winning) selections are as follows:

Marathon – Alcomo
Juvenile Fillies Turf - Winter Memories
Filly and Mare Sprint – Evening Jewel
Juvenile Fillies – Awesome Feather
Filly & Mare Turf - Midday
Ladies' Classic – Life at Ten

Juvenile Turf - Banned
Sprint – Big Drama
Turf Sprint - Rose Catherine
Juvenile – Uncle Mo
Mile - Gio Ponti
Dirt Mile - Crown of Thorns
Turf – Al Khali
Classic – Blame

EricKalet said...

Marathon - Precision Break
Juv. Fillies Turf - Tale Untold
F&M Sprint - Evening Jewel
Juv. Fillies - Tell A Kelly
F&M Turf - Midday
Ladies Classic - Life At Ten

Juv. Turf - Master of Hounds
Sprint - Atta Boy Roy
Turf Sprint - Silver Timber
Juvenile - Biondetti
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile - Tizway
Turf - Behkabad
Classic - Zenyatta

Anonymous said...

Just trying to find out if my comment even comes up. If so, I will try to play. Not sure my boss will like me picking horses at work though!

Well, using my name alone does not work, so will try the anonymous. My name is Miranda!

Brian Zipse said...

Go for it Miranda!

Pinto66 said...

Marathon - Awesome Gem
Juvenile Fillies Turf - Winter Memories
Filly and Mare Sprint - Champagne D'oro
Juvenile Fillies - Tell aKelly
Filly & Mare Turf - Red Desire
Ladies' Classic - Unrivalled Belle
Juvenile Turf - Pluck
Sprint - Warrior's Reward
Turf Sprint - Due Date
Juvenile - Rouge Romance
Mile - Gio Ponti
Dirt Mile - Aikenite
Turf - Al Khali
Classic - Paddy O'Prado

Pinto66 said...

Thanks for letting me play, and adding me on FB!! Denise W.

Brian Zipse said...

Good luck Denise!

Secretariat said...

Marathon-AU Miner
JuvFilTurf-Winter Memories
FMSprint-Evening Jewel
JuvFil-AZ Warrior
FMTurf-Red Desire
Distaff-Blind Luck
TurfSprint-Rose Catherine
Juv-Rogue Romance
DirtMile-Here Comes Ben

If I win, I want the prize to be a meeting to discuss the whole racing blog scene. TY and GL to all!

--Matt (AndyScoggin)

Anonymous said...


Here we go:

Awesome Gem
Winter Memories
Sara Louise
Delightful mary
Red Desire
Life at Ten

I don't think anyone will survive this far.

Alan H. said...

Precision Break
Rightly So
Awesome Feather
Life at Ten
Here Comes Ben
Rose Catherine
Uncle Mo
Big Drama
Lookin At Lucky

Unknown said...

r5...Million Seller
r7...Sara Louise
r8...Theyskens' Theory
r9...Red Desire

r5...Riley Tucker
r6...Chamberlain Bridge
r7...JB's Thunder
r8...Paco Boy
r11..Musket Man

william said...

Marathon....Giant Oak (4-1)
Juvenile Fillies Turf..More Than Real (10-1)
Filly/Mare Sprint...Evening Jewel (15-1)
Juvenile Fillies...Theyskens Theory (10-1)
Filly/Mare Turf...Red Desire (8-1)
Ladies Classic...Blind Luck (9-5)
Juvenile Turf...Banned (10-1)
Sprint...Girolamo (3-1)
Turf Sprint...Chamberlain Bridge (6-1)
Juvenile....Uncle Mo (7-5)

Turf Mile..Gio Ponti (4-1)
Dirt Mile..Crown of Thorns (4-1)
Turf..Al Khali(10-1)
Classic...Zenyatta (8-5)

Silent Sunday said...

Marathon - Eldafeer
Juvi Turf Filly -Winter Memories
F/M Sprint - Sara Louise
Juvy Filly- Tell A Kelly
F/M Turf - Midday
Distaff - Life At Ten
Juvi Turf- Banned
Sprint- Warrior's Reward
Turf Sprint- Silver Timber
Juvenile- Jaycito
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile- Tizway
Turf- Workforce
Classic- Blame

Silent Sunday said...

"scott Cosmo" Picks,

Marathon: Giant Oak.
Juvenile Fillies turf: Winter memories
Filly and Mare sprint: Sara Louise
Juvenile Filly:TellaKelly
Filly and mare turf: :Midday
Ladies Classic: Unrivaled Belle
Sprint: Supreme Summit
turf sprint: silver timber
Juvenile: Jaycite
Turf Mile: Gio Ponti
Dirt Me: Crown of thorns
Turf: Behkbad
Classic: Blame

william said...

brian...didnt know how to edit my post...so take here comes ben for the late scratch of crown thanks

Brian Zipse said...

I will replace scratched Crown of Thorns with Vineyard Haven in the Dirt Mile.

Marti said...

Well, I hope I followed the rules right. My "alternates" are listed in parenthesis.

Marathon: Bright Horizon (Prince Will I Am)

Juvy Fillies Turf: Together (Quiet Oasis)

F/M Sprint: Informed Decision (Rightly So)

Juvy Fillies: Tell A Kelly (R Heat Lightning)

F/M Turf: Eclair De Lune (Midday)

Distaff: Acting Happy (Havre De Grace)

Juvy Turf: Utley (Manatoba)

Sprint: Kinsale King (Girolamo)

Turf Sprint: California Flag (Quick Enough)

Juvy: Boys At Tosconova (Murjan)

Mile: The Usual QT (Goldikova)

Dirt Mile: Morning Line (Thiskyhasnolimit)

Turf: Debussy (Workforce)

Classic: Lucky (Paddy O Prado)

Mike D said...

Marathon: Awesome Gem
JFTurf: Winter Memories
FMSprint: Champagne D'oro
JF: AZ Warrior
FMTurf: Midday
Distaff: Life at Ten

JTurf: Soldat
Sprint: Wise Dan
TurfSprint: Silver Timber
Juv: Boys at Tosconova
Mile: Goldikova
Dirt Mile: Here Comes Ben
Turf: Behkabad
Classic: Zenyatta

Unknown said...

I will replace Crown of Thorns with Tizway, a side note DELEGATOR is winning the mile tomorrow.

Anita Xanax said...

Marathon: ROMP-Kristin HOT 75% at HOL
Juvie Filly Turf: Winter Memories...how can you beat that turn of foot?
Filly/Mare Sprint: Gabby's Golden Gal...Saw her work, ass like a hippo...it's Baffert off the long layoff.
Juvie Fillys:Awesome Feather...doesn't know she can lose.
F/M Turf: Red Desire...amazing work, dead game
Distaff: Life at Ten...it's her turn to school the 3yo's

Juvy Turf:Master of Hounds...peaking right
Sprint:Pashito the Che...my friend had a dream,...
Turf Sprint: Rose Catherine...brilliant speed, loves surface
Juvenile: Uncle Mo...looks like a 4 year old
Mile:Goldikova...come on, who else?
Dirt Mile: Here Comes Ben
Turf:Champ Pegasus...Euros do NOT like the firm turf, he does
Classic: The Queen...ZENYATTA!!

Mike D said...

Pretty sure I broke the no back-to-back favorite rule twice in previous post.

Marathon: Prince Will I Am (from Awesome Gem)
JFTurf: Winter Memories
FMSprint: Champagne D'oro
JF: AZ Warrior
FMTurf: Harmonious (from Midday)
Distaff: Life at Ten

JTurf: Soldat
Sprint: Wise Dan
TurfSprint: Silver Timber
Juv: Boys at Tosconova
Mile: Goldikova
Dirt Mile: Here Comes Ben
Turf: Behkabad
Classic: Zenyatta

Anita Xanax said...

May have violated the morning line favourite rule going Uncle Mo-Goldikova...replace Uncle Mo with Boys at Toscanova

railbirdcory said...

Marathon - Bright Horizon
Juvy Filly Turf - Kathmanblu
Filly/Mare Sprint- Rightly So
Juvenile Filly - Awesome Feather
Filly/Mare Turf - Harmonious
Ladies Classic - Blind Luck

Juvenile Turf - Mantoba
Sprint - Atta Boy Roy
Turf Sprint - Silver Timber
Juvenile - Boys At Tosconova
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile - Tizway
Turf - Winchester
Classic - Quality Road

Vivian Rowe said...

OK...here's my picks:
Classic - Zenyatta (Looking At Lucky)
Turf - Behkabad (Al Khali)
Sprint - Smiling Tiger (Warrior's Reward)
Mile - Goldicova (Gio Ponti)
Juvenile - Uncle Mo (Biondetti)
Mile Dirt - Gayeco (Morning Line)
Juvenile Turf - Pluck (Soldat)
Turf Sprint - Silver Timber (Bridgetown)
Ladies Classic - Blind Luck (Persistently)
Filly & Mare Turf - Harmonious (Forever Together)
Juvenile Fillies - Awesome Feather (Tell A Kelly)
Filly & Mare Sprint - Informed Decision ( Champagne d'Oro)
Juvenile Fillies Turf - Winter Memories
Marathon - Alcomo

C T Coleman said...

Cool Coleman's Offical Selections
A.U. Miner (alt Bright Horizon

Juve Fillies Turf
Kathmanblu (alt more then real)

F&M Sprint
Champange D'Oro (alt informed Decision)

Juve Fillies
Tell a Kelly (alt R Heat Lightning)

F&M Turf
Miss Keller (alt Midday)

Ladies CLassic
Harve De Grace (alt Life at 10)


Juve Turf
Master of Hounds (alt Soldat)

Big Drama (alt warriors reward)

Turf Sprint
Chamberlin Bridge (alt bridgetown)

Stay Thirsty (Biodentti)

Turf mile
Goldikova (alt Sidnys Candy)

Dirt Mile
Cool Coal Man (alt Geyego)

Winchester (alt Al kahli)

Quality Road (alt Musket man)

Alan H. said...

I violated the consecutive favorite rule. Please change Uncle Mo to Jaycito in the Juvenile. Thanks!

Miranda Wimberley said...

Ok, hope I'm not too late, was swamped at work this morning and taking a 15 minute lunch so I can enter. Having Breeders Cup on Friday is stupid.

Marathon: Alcomo
Juvy Fillies Turf: Winter Memories
F&M Sprint: Evening Jewel
Juvy Fillies: Awesome Feather
F&M Turf: Harmonious
Distaff (refuse to call it Ladies Classic, sorry.): Blind Luck

Juvy Turf: Utley
Sprint: Atta Boy Roy
Turf Sprint: Bridgetown
Juvenile: Jaycito
Mile: Goldikova
Dirt Mile: Vineyard Haven
Turf: Dangerous Midge
Classic: Zenyatta

ponygirl0nj said...

Marathon - Alcomo
Juv Fillies Turf - Winter Memories
F&M Sprint - Evening Jewel
Juv Fillies - Delightful Mary
F&M Turf - Harmonious
Lady's Classic - Life at Ten

Juv Turf - Banned
Sprint - Girolamo
Turf Sprint - Rose Catherine
Juvenile - Jaycito
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile - Hurricane Ike
Turf - Debussy
Classic - Zenyatta

danmunn said...

Marathon: Prince Will I Am
JF Turf: Winter Memories
F&M Sprint: Champagne D'Oro
JF: Theyskens Theory
F&M Turf: Midday
Distaff: Life At Ten
JTurf: Utley
Sprint: Warriors Reward
Turf Sprint: Chamberlain Bridge
Juvenile: Uncle Mo
Mile: Paco Boy
Dirt Mile: Tizway
Turf: Bekhabad
Classic: Zenyatta

railbirdcory said...

Vet scratch??? Must change Filly Sprint!

Filly Sprint - Evening Jewel

Ashley Bolsei said...

In case of a scratch, alternates are listed in parentheses

Marathon: Eldaafer (Atoned)
Juvie Filly Turf: Kathmanblu (Winter Memories)
F&M Sprint: Champagne d'Oro (Moontune Missy)
Juvie Filly: Awesome Feather (Believe in A.P.)
F&M Turf: Keertana (Midday)
Distaff: Life At Ten (Blind Luck)

Juvie Turf: Banned (Air Support)
Sprint: Pashito the Che (Riley Tucker)
Turf Sprint: Silver Timber (Canadian Ballet)
Juvie: Stay Thirsty (Murjan)
Mile: Goldikova (Proviso)
Dirt Mile: Tizway (Thiskyhasnolimit)
Turf: Champ Pegasus (Behkabad)
Classic: Lookin At Lucky (First Dude)

Rachel said...

Evening Jewel is still in.

test1 said...


drfager68 said...

marathon - Alcomo
Juv F Turf - winter memories
F Sprint - Switch
Juv F - Theysken Theory
F&M Turf - Midday
L Clasic - Life at Ten
Juv Turf - Banned
sprint - Wise Dan
Tur Spr - Grand Adventure
Juv - Biondetti
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile- Here comes Ben
Turf - Al Khali
Classic - Zenyatta

THE Dr. Fager said...

Day 1 only

Marathon - AU Miner
Juv F Turf - Winter Memories
F. Sprint - Champagne D'Oro
Juv F - Believe in AP
F&M Turf - Midday
L Classic - It's Tea Time

THE Dr. Fager said...

Day 2

Juv Turf - Master of Hounds
Sprint - Paschito the Che
Turf Sprint- Quick Enough
Juv - Boys at T
Mile - Goldikova
Dirt Mile - Tizway
Turf - Behkabad
Classic - Blame

Brian Zipse said...

Congratulations Andy Scoggin, aka Secretariat! You are the 2010 ZATT Breeders' Cup Survivor Champion. The contest proved too tough for most, and Andy was able to take home the win by surviving the first three races with A.U. Miner, Winter Memories, and Evening Jewel. Well done Andy! Let me know what you want to write about.

Vivian said...

OK.....who came in second...third....we wanna know how close we came!

Brian Zipse said...

Vivian, there were several who lasted through two races ... something like a seven-way tie for second.

Anonymous said...

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