July 24, 2010

Rachel, Turf Meets Surf, and the Spa

I have to admit it, I’m excited. A grade 1 turf stake at Del Mar, and a historic grade 1 race at Saratoga are enough to get the juices flowing, but today is about more. Any day that Rachel Alexandra runs has become a big day for yours truly. I am not sure how much longer we will see Rachel and Zenyatta on the track, so I am in full celebrate the moment mode today. People have actually told me, “yeah, but there is no one in there against her…who cares?” I care. Any chance to see Rachel run is special, and frankly, I am set for a show today. All the great horses over the years have run against inferior horses at times. You think Man O’ War was running against a champion when he won by 100 lengths? The answer of course is no, but it is not the competition we remember, rather it is what the incredible Man O’ War did that day. He won a stakes race by 100 lengths! That race was at 1 5/8 and when Secretariat won by 31 lengths, he did it in the 12 furlong Belmont, so I am not expecting Rachel to win by 30 or more, but it should be something to see. A 14 length win is my prediction, and I will be cheering for Rachel every step of the way. Now on to some more competitive races.
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railrunner said...

Great post Brian, it's great to see someone writing about Rachel's race from an excited and appreciative viewpoint. I'm in the same boat, we can't do anything about her weak placing so I am more than content to cheer my guts out seeing her run again.
On a major plus side she could give a huge margin of win against this field if they wish and give the fans a real thrill!

Brian Zipse said...

More workwomanlike yesterday, and in that heat, that is OK.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Tuesday's article on the Sussex.

twotoedrat said...

It was a great race in the sweltering heat. She did what she needed to do and looked great. Excited to see her try 10 furlongs. I think she'll handle it well.