July 19, 2010

Rachel and Macho 10 Months Later

Who can ever forget the 2009 running of the Woodward Stakes? It was one of the most exciting editions ever of the traditionally outstanding race. Rachel Alexandra was the toast of racing, and she was in search of something unique. A three-year-old filly running in a major grade 1 dirt race, against the males, is simply not attempted these days. But she went for it on that day, and what a race it was. Never getting a second of breathing room on the front end, Rachel was hounded by Da’Tara and then Past the Point on a strong pace. After dispatching her early competition, she was tested by the stout challenges of the top two from the recent Whitney, Bullsbay and Macho Again. Tested and then some. Sparked by the contentious pace and a dream trip through the field, it would be Macho Again who would be the stiffest challenge of her remarkable season. It was close, but he could not beat Rachel the Great. Nearly ten months later, I saw both horses recently a few races apart in Louisville. Their respective results were markedly different, and now their lives will diverge even further.
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LDP said...

People like to trash that win, though the fact is Bullsbay and Macho were in top form and ran their best. They had proven consistent Grade one matirial for the last few months and were very good closers. That race took all Macho and Bullsbay had, maybe broke their hearts, it would seem.

Brian Zipse said...

Totally agree LDP, they have not been the same since, but they were two good older colts at their best last Summer.

joani said...

Brian, this is a keeper! I am looking forward to seeing you at Monmouth since I missed you last year at the Woodward. What a race!