May 28, 2010

Who Am I ???

*I won the majority of my starts, and never finished worse than second in my two seasons of racing.

*Undefeated at two, my average margin of victory as a juvenile was just a hair under five lengths.

*I was a Derby winner, but it was not the one on the first Saturday in May.

*My two biggest victories came on opposite coasts, one ending my juvenile season, the other ending my sophomore season.

*I proved to be quite popular with the bettors; I was favored in every single start.

*I was ridden by the same Hall of Fame rider in each of my last seven starts.

*My trainer has had many top horses since, but I was his first superstar.

*I inherited some of my speed from my grandsire, the great Mr. Prospector.

*My seven stakes wins included victories in the East, West, and Midwest, although I never raced in New York or Kentucky.

*After retirement, I was sent far from my home to enjoy a career as a stallion.

*My largest margin of victory was by more than twenty lengths.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Michael said...

Patrick Cane (obviously I have no clue)!

tencentcielo said...

King Glorious?

Michael said...

Looks like a great guess!

Brian Zipse said...

You've really made the grade, Tencentcielo!!!

King Glorious it is!

Michael said...

Ughhhh. Ohio Derby!

Michael said...

Great job. I was clueless!

Brian Zipse said...

Tell us how you did it Tentcentcielo...

tencentcielo said...

How i got it was as follows:

The clue "My two biggest victories..." told me that the horse probably won something at Hollywood @ 2 and something in the East at three. The clue that the horse had never ran in NY or KY meant to me that the horse's biggest win was probably in the Haskell. So i started to look for Haskell winners who had won @ Hollywood at two.

I actually missed King Glorious the first time on the winners of Hollywood Futurity list AND the Haskell list, so i manually went through each of the 2nd-tier Derbies (El Camino Real, California, Illinois, Iowa) until i got to the Ohio Derby. I knew it was him after seeing who rode him in both the Haskell and the Hollywood Futurity.

I found him the VERY hard way. LOL

Thanks for running this test of mental stamina Brian! :-)

P.S. As a side note, King Glorious used to have a stake named for him @ Hollywood Park @ 6 & 1/2 on the main track. Sadly has been taken off the schedule.

Brian Zipse said...

Awesome Tencentcielo! It may have been the circuitous route, but your deductions were spot on. Well done!

He still should have that race...who knows how good he was/would have been.