May 13, 2010

Who Am I ???

*I won exactly one quarter of my starts, was in the money in two-thirds of my races, and never once finished 2nd.

*My first eight races were all in the same state until I hit the road in earnest.

*Both of my stakes wins came in my second season of racing.

*Bred in Kentucky, my sire was a champion in two countries and a grandson of the great Northern Dancer.

*All of my trainer‘s best horses were for the same owners, and I was owned by them as well.

*I hold an interesting record in America‘s greatest series of races.

*I ran in all three legs of the Triple Crown, where my average odds were 40-1.

*While well known in U.S. racing, none of my connections (owner, trainer, or jockey) have ever won the Kentucky Derby.

*Both of my stakes wins came at the same American racetrack.

*Today I stand at stud south of the border, quite a bit south.

*I was never a champion myself, but I did defeat two champions, a Derby winner, a Preakness winner, a Belmont winner, a Travers winner, and a Breeders’ Cup winner.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Mike said...

Mane Minister

Brian Zipse said...

The first guess is a winner...Mane Minister is the answer!

Congratulations Mike!! How did you solve it so quickly?

Mike said...

If it's right - and I think it is - the mathematical clues gave it away.

1/4 wins, 2/3 in the money, minimum of 8 starts meant that the horse had to have exactly 12, 24 or 36 starts. With no seconds, his record had to have been 12-3-0-5, which is what I Googled.

Out of Deputy Minister - check
3rd in each of the Triple Crown races - check

I liked this one.

CiarĂ¡n said...

well done mike! thank god , now i can go to sleep!

Brian Zipse said...

Check out the math brain on Mike...well done. You are this week's champ, wear your crown proudly!

LDP said...

Nice job Mike! Darn Brian, the time change completely threw me off, I was here at 5:30 wondering where the heck WAI was, lol.