May 16, 2010

Belmont Stakes Blues

No Triple Crown this year. So what. We have not had a sweep in 32 years, and I am used to living without one, and now we do not have to worry about being disappointed by the Derby and Preakness winner going down in New York. The Triple Crown should be reserved for the crème de la crème. If we do not have that this year, than so be it, there should be no Triple Crown winner. Personally, I am not going to cry about it, nor am I going to talk about the Belmont as less of a race because there is no opportunity for a Crown winner. The Belmont is still the Belmont, which is one of the most important races in our nation. This year’s edition will be sans a Derby or Preakness winner, which will guarantee a trio of classic winners in 2010. That could make things very interesting later in the year, say in the Travers, with the three winners hooking up. Without a standout, the Belmont promises to be a very interesting race from both a competitive standpoint as well as a wagering opportunity. I know I am already looking forward to betting against the favorite.

Here is a list of horses currently looking at the Belmont Stakes, with my earliest of morning lines:

Ice Box   2-1
Fly Down   4-1
First Dude   6-1
Dublin   10-1
Make Music For Me   12-1
Devil May Care   15-1
Uptowncharlybrown   15-1
Game On Dude   15-1
Drosselmeyer   20-1
Stately Victor   20-1
Stay Put   20-1
Setsuko   20-1
New Madrid   20-1

Superstars and world beaters? No, but doesn’t this still look like a pretty interesting race? I will be looking forward to the Belmont Stakes as usual, plus the fabulous card that Belmont puts together for the day. If you want to sing your Belmont Stakes Blues, do it someplace else. ZATT is all in!


william said...

i agree brian...what a day of racing on belmont stakes day.....also loooking for a great betting race in the stakes..thanks for all your good writing

Michael said...

Brian 'forgot' to mention that the 2010 Belmont Stakes will be held on his birthday! Maybe the NYRA will name a race for him on the card!!!

ja.raymond said...

I, for one, have grown really tired of not getting a TC winner for all these yrs!
The system that many trainers had from the 70's on back needs to be brought back. An ideal has gotten misplaced somewhere along the last 30 yrs!! These "modern" trainers need to go back in time and find it.
At any rate, I'm thinking Ice Box. I'm also surpised to see Lil Miss DMC in there; very curious to see how she's gonna do.

ja.raymond said...

Shoot, didnt read the last paragraph well enuf; sorry for the rant. If you want to delete it, thats fine, I wont be put out.
Just for the record, tho, I AM looking forward to the Belmont; I'm excited about seeing Ice Box and Dross run again! :)

Celeste said...

Agreed, Brian. I would have liked to see Super Saver win yesterday, but was not disappointed about Lookin At Lucky finally getting a decent trip and showing his best. Now I won't have to worry about the winner of the first two getting pounced on at Belmont, so it takes the pressure off - lol!

Brian Zipse said...

Thank you William. Michael, kudos for your knowledge of the author! Jane, I always enjoy your point of view. Celeste, I was rooting for Super as well, but I recognize that Lucky is a very deserving winner.

Jen W. said...

I'm ALL FOR those odds! You may not have a TC Winner, you may not have the Derby and Preakness winners, BUT, you have a horse in here who ALMOST took the first jewel away from Super Saver and had he not been held up in traffic, might have done so. You have late winners of big may have the battling Dudes and another filly run, although I don't see her getting a mile and a half. You have a horse who already ran in both TC races...can he win this one? Then, you have the underdogs.
I for one, can't WAIT to see what happens! I think all three winners of all three jewels will meet in the Haskell. Now THAT will be a race!

BTW, you know who I'm rooting for and I CERTAINLY LOVE the 15-1 odds! Bring it on! LOL! ;-)

Brian Zipse said...

I am going to go out on a limb Jen, and guess Uptowncharlybrown. I think you have a real chance, and wish you the best of luck!!!

Jen W. said...

Thanks so much, Brian! Kiaran is doing a GREAT job with him! I think we have a really good shot as well! :-)

Amateurcapper said...


LOOKIN AT LUCKY perhaps should have been shooting for the elusive Crown instead of SUPER SAVER. He had no shot after that horrendous opening 1/4 mile.

My early pick is FIRST DUDE...that big colt really impressed me. Cut out a very quick opening 1/4, rated kindly, then dug deep while tiring at a very slow rate. It took a supreme effort from 'LUCKY, who probably ran at least 1/16 farther than the runner-up, to hold off the 'DUDE. That 6-1 you rate him at is fair. With the trouble of ICE BOX in the Derby 2nd placing still on the minds of many, he should hold around that price.

His speed should play very well at "Big Sandy" in three weeks. I'll also use ICE BOX but he's less enticing with that definitive odds drop.

Brian Zipse said...

I agree Rob, in fact I addressed what could have been for Lookin at Lucky on Saturday's column. First Dude will be tough if he runs as well as he did at Pimlico...he is bred to appreciate a distance.