March 4, 2010

Who Am I ???

*Bred in Virginia, my sire was an American champion and a top notch sire.

*One of my biggest wins came in the first ever edition of a race that is still important today.

*I raced in two different countries and at six different racetracks.

*My races were split between dirt and turf, in fact I ran exactly the same amount of races on turf as I did on dirt.

*My two most important victories both came in the month of November.

*I followed in my father‘s footsteps, becoming an Eclipse Award winner eight years after his retirement.

*My owner‘s name rhymed with my trainer‘s name, and I was the best horse either of them ever had.

*Injuries prevented me from defending my championship.

*The jockey I was most successful with, was best known for his accomplishments the year following my championship.

*I won a grand total of three stakes in my career.

*My racing career spanned six seasons, although all but four of my races came in one year.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Test said...


Brian Zipse said...

Sorry is not Sachauista.

tjreyn01 said...

Johnny D

Brian Zipse said...

This was a strange Who Am I ??? So few guesses...but we have a winner! Tim knew it was Johnny D.

Huntington Equine said...

man! I looked at Johnny D! I skipped him because I mistook an off turf race for turf! Good job Tim.

Brian Zipse said...

How did you do it Tim?

tjreyn01 said...

So few guesses because it was hard! lol Basically the power of google combining virginia breds, with eclipse awards. Once I found that I just looked at his pp's and double checked his sire to be sure. Damn that was a tuffy Zipse!

Kimness said...

After killing a mere hour - I WAS GONNA SAY JOHHNY D.!!
Kay & Bray Jr. But I spent my hour looking for Eclipse Award winners whose trainers & owners names rhymed.

Congrats Tim!!

Brian Zipse said...

Way to go Tim!!! You persevered. Tim's research found the 1977 Turf Champion Johnny D. who was a son of champion Stage Door Johnny.

Seems like some of you were on the right track, do not be afraid to make your guesses on ZATT early and may be right.

Kimness said...

Mine would have been a total SWAG.

I need to refine my search engines - LOL