December 6, 2010

A Sporting Chance

This blog is, and always has been, my medium for sharing my love for thoroughbred horse racing with the world. While I always do my best to relay my thoughts and information on everything going on within the sport, sometimes words alone are simply not enough to capture the essence and the heartbeat of racing. Today I was passed on a wonderful piece that does just that.

It is called A Sporting Chance, and it is a horse racing documentary created by film maker Eric Averkiou. This video is the edited version of the full 30 minute film.  Eric describes the film as, “A documentary film following the daily struggles, tribulations and excitement of the Horse racing industry. Filmed at the headquarters of racing, Newmarket England, the film follows a trainer, a Jockey and numerous staff who work tirelessly for the love of this amazing sport.” 

Without further adieu, please enjoy A Sporting Chance …


Celeste said...

Brian, that is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.