November 22, 2010

Social Media and Horse Racing

Hello, my name is ZATT, and I’m a social media butterfly. That’s right, yours truly is an unapologetic social media enthusiast. Not just for teenage girls any more, I utilize these platforms in many productive ways to promote thoroughbred horse racing. And now, as ZATT is on the verge of an exciting new announcement, regarding a partnership that could change the landscape of disseminating horse racing information on the Internet forever, I will rely on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to keep you all up to speed on the latest news. Horse racing is often left behind on current trends and new technologies. Social media can help to change all that.

Here are ten reasons why I'm a social media believer:

1) Interaction - The continuous engagement with my audience has been of great assistance in not only understanding what they want to talk about, but also in building wonderful friendships.

2) Greater Exposure - ZATT would never have been able to reach as many readers if not for the explosive word of mouth that can be rather quickly achieved on Facebook and Twitter.

3) Information Exchange - When I learn of new information, I pass it along on social media. When I am looking for new information, I look first on social media.

4) Leveling the Playing Field - When compared to the giants of horse racing media, Zipse at the Track had almost nothing in resources. Social Media has allowed me to work hard and get the info out there, just like the big boys.

5) Focusing the Message - Writing about things that hold little interest to my readers is one of the surest ways of losing readers. Through Facebook and Twitter, I better understand what my audience wants day in and day out.

6) Branding - With a name like ZATT, you better offer a quality product. Social media has not only allowed me to get the name out there, it has helped me concisely display what the name stands for.

7) Relationship Building - No matter the business, people want to work with people that they know, like, and trust and social media allows me to get my personality out there and build loyal connections.

8) It Complements My Efforts - Not only does social media allow for a pure way to promote what I am doing, but it also allows me to add greater information on top of what is already on my website.

9) Driving Traffic - My daily use of Facebook and Twitter drives traffic to my website on a daily and continuous basis. The more time I put in, the more traffic is driven to my site.

10) Low cost - Or in my case, no cost. My total expenditure from promoting Zipse at the Track on social media has been zero. You can not beat free.

Social Media has placed ZATT on the map. I am consistently interacting with a focused group of connections and friends. It has helped me get information out to the right people, and stay current and fresh with an ever changing society.

Hmmm … I wonder if any of this could be beneficial to horse racing.

If I’ve convinced you, go ahead and sign up (it’s easy), and follow ZATT today. On Facebook ... and on Twitter ... See you there!


Anonymous said...

You are a great source of information for the horse racing lovers out there. I will keep my eyes glued to the screen to see what new and exciting announcements you plan on unfolding. Can't wait!! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Good idea! Thats how I found your website, On Facebook.

Jennifer said...

I found you on Facebook too, Thank you and keep up the incredible work!!!

Brian Zipse said...

Thank you all ... I appreciate you reading! And don't worry the big announcement will come soon...

ja.raymond said...

Keeneland was one of the first pages I looked up on facebook. Thats how I found you, and am I glad I "liked" your page!
You're fun to read, educational, and on the cutting edge of breaking news.
Forever a fan of ZATT!!! :)

Robert Samuel said...

Great article. These are all of the same reasons why my team and I are becoming social butterflies ourselves. :-)

Brian Zipse said...

I'm glad that you did Jane! :) And thank you!

Thanks Robert.

Eddie D. said...

Your cost is never zero because time is money.