August 2, 2010

Winning Money at the Racetrack

It’s not always easy, but it can be done. I am pleased to report that I have reached the point in 2010, where if I lose every wager for the rest of the year, I will still have a profitable year. I can say this because, knowing how much I consistently wager, I will not bet as much for the rest of the year as I am already ahead. A nice feeling to be sure, but what does this mean? Should I quit my job, and become a full-time gambler? Should I let the winnings ride, and start placing increasingly larger wagers? Tempting, but my answer is a resounding “no.” I’ve had enough losing steaks to match my hot streaks, I’ve had enough years in the red, and I’ve had enough heartbreaking losses to know better. Come to think of it, it isn’t even that tempting. So why do I do gamble in the first place? A simple answer is because it is fun. A more complex answer would be that it is the ultimate challenge connected to my favorite pastime. It gives me a chance to put my problem solving skills to the test on a regular basis, which in turn only makes the great game of horse racing even more enjoyable.
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Chief said...

Who do you like tomorrow at Saratoga?

LDP said...

Well if I did strictly win place show bet, I would probably be right where you are right now. However, one I don't bet that much, two I like to pick my top three then box them when I do be.

Brian Zipse said...

Chief, tough race, but I will side with Daveron.

That's great LDP.