February 4, 2010

Who Am I ???

*Bred in Kentucky, I have the blood of both Native Dancer and Round Table coursing through my veins.

*The horse I ran 2nd to in my 2nd career start was also the horse I ran 2nd to in my 22nd career start.

*Perhaps better known for my places than my wins, I finished 2nd in as many races as I won.

*I smoked the field in my most important lifetime victory.

*My five stakes wins were spread out across the nation, with added money scores in the Northeast, the West, the South, and the Midwest.

*I did not quite make it to the Hall of Fame like my dad.

*Like a fine wine, I improved with age, although I was undefeated as a juvenile.

*I admit it, I was always a fan of the Empire.

*I ran 2nd to a champion in a Grade 1 race in New York, while still eligible for non winners of two races other than Maiden, Claiming, or Starter.

*During my championship season, I raced at distances ranging from 6 furlongs to a mile and a half.

*Unfortunately, I went out as a runner-up, finishing 2nd as the favorite in my final two starts .

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


tjreyn01 said...


Brian Zipse said...

Blink and it is over...The fastest Who Am I ??? ever! Tim Reynolds, absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...


Brian Zipse said...



tjreyn01 said...

Yeah, that's how I roll. lol

Brian Zipse said...

Tim, we are going to need a little more. Tell your fans how you did it.

LDP said...

Dang! I go out to feed the dogs, come back in and the answer has been found!

CiarĂ¡n said...

well done tim, too quick out of the gate

tjreyn01 said...

So I combined the clue about running second in the 22nd start combined with the clue that they were a champion. That many starts, I knew the 90's and 00's were basically out and then took the bloodline into consideration. Led me to look at past performances of 22 starts or over, without a loss in 2yo yr.

Then utilized a variable of internet search sites and one kick butt book that a great friend got me as a present. Can't give up that secret.

Brian Zipse said...

Well done Tim. I have to ask...this book would not be the great book of Who Am I !!! answers, now would it?

tjreyn01 said...

lol! No not quite. But you should start one. It would make great reading material. Of the "Who Am I's" so far, did I set a track record? haha

Brian Zipse said...

5 minutes shattered the world record!