December 17, 2009

Who Am I ???

*I began my career racing exclusively on one coast and finished it running only on the other coast.

*My prowess earned me multiple Eclipse Awards and entry into American Racing‘s Hall of Fame.

*I finished 1st or 2nd in all but two of my races, and in both of those races I had good excuses.

*In one of my stakes wins, I set a track record at Churchill Downs.

*I was undefeated on the grass, but the majority of my racing was done on the dirt.

*You could say that I was a shoo-in to win all of my races in my final year of racing.

*In my finest season, I won races shorter than 6 furlongs and at distances up to 1 ¼ miles and won races on both dirt and turf.

*I was a stakes winner in three out of my four seasons of racing.

*As a three-year-old, I was not a champion although I did split decisions with that year’s champion.

*I won my final seven races, all of which were stakes races.

*If you can deduce the first half of my name, the second half should become much easier.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


LDP said...

Is it Ack Ack?

Michael said...

That was my guess but in case it is incorrect, I'll try Skip Away?

Brian Zipse said...

Today's game certainly did not last long. Well done Dani, the answer is 1971 Horse of the Year, Ack Ack. How did you figure it out so quickly?

Michael said...

The multiple Eclipse winner did it for me. The list is not that big and once you throw out the obvious ones (Secretariat, Affirmed, Forego, etc), there was not many left!

Marti said...

Charlie's training MASTERPIECE...Ack Ack

Susan W. said...

Dani, ya did it again...:)

LDP said...

I went to Wikipedia, that's actually where I always go, and started out by looking for a champion older male. You normally don't pick horses from later than the late sixties, and when I looked down the list I saw Ack Ack.
The record shows he had 27 starts won 19 times was second 6 times which is first or second 25 times. I researched his races, noticed he started on the east coast then ended on the west. I saw he was unbeaten on turf, and was a brilliant sprinter who could run long. Then your last clue just gave it to me. So, there you have it, summerized. That is how I found out it was Ack Ack.

Brian Zipse said...

Great Dani, you are now one of the few multiple winners, wear your crown proudly!

Due to the speed of today's answer, I will now be committed to only tougher Who Am I ??? games in the future. Your (my readers)excellence demands more challenge!

LDP said...

The tougher the better Brian. Keep em' coming!

tjreyn01 said...

Great job Dani!

LDP said...

Thanks tjreyn01!

Celeste said...

Great job, Dani! Now that I know the secret is searching Wikipedia, maybe I'll try some time in the future. Nah...I'd still be too slow for all you young 'uns! LOL!