October 22, 2009

Who Am I ???

*I am from Europe and my trainer from South America, but we came to the United States together.

*I was a champion at five, but I was better at the age of four.

*I became an American when my ownership changed before my final season of racing, transferring to American owners and an American trainer.

*My father was also a champion, but not in America.

*I won multiple stakes in France and California, but I was a New York success story, winning seven stakes there.

*In my only race at Saratoga, I equaled a world record on the turf.

*I often carried a lot of weight on my back, including 131 in one of my stakes wins. Not bad for a girl!

*I was a champion on dirt, but I was better on the grass.

*I would have won an Eclipse Award at four had there been an award for my category that year … the category was added the following year.

*I defeated the boys in two consecutive Grade 1 races.

*I retired to a farm in Pennsylvania and was the dam of 11 runners including a graded stakes winner and a juvenile champion in Italy.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Marti said...

Waya :-)


Brian Zipse said...

Is this a changing of the guard? Huntington is down! Huntington is down! The new champ is Marti. Congratulations Marti, Waya is correct, two in a row!

LDP said...

Darn you marti you stole my answer! Lol. I too say Waya Brian.

Mark Moran said...

I remember Waya quite well. She came over at the same time as a mare named Flying Water, who I believe had beaten Alleged in Europe. Cruget rode her in her debut at Belmont; she accelerated so dramatically in the stretch that Cruget had no where to go, and he steered her into the rail, and that was the end of her. But for that, Brian would be writing a post about her today.

Billy Huntington said...

Down but not out. Always fun! Love doing the work to figure it out!

Marti said...

LOL Brian...as I noted on FB, I got lucky to just be around this morning. Yes, I knew the answer (did a quick double check, but just one of your clues gave her away)...had I been a little later, Billy would have had it first, I have no doubt!

Nancy McLean said...

Too Late...I've got to check fb more often! Waya, by Faraway Son out of War Path, was my answer also.

Marti said...

Me too Billy...it's a researcher's playground! ;-)


Brian Zipse said...

Sorry LDP, only one winner.

Mark, I like your style...Flying Water was fantastic, her acceleration was a sight to be hold. She and Waya did come over together together and there was no doubt as to was better at the time...Flying Water. In fact Penna raced them the same day at Belmont, first time in the U.S., in different races. Flying Water was electrifying...until, sadly she went down, ending in tragedy. Waya went on to be the best turf horse, male or female, in the nation that year in my opinion, although Mac Diarmada won the title.

LDP said...

I know Brian, just the feeling of being left out since I'm in school and hardly have any computer time during these. I'm not blaming you, it's fun, these triva games, love them.

Anonymous said...

I was because of Waya that we have female turf eclipse award. I will never forget her races with Overskate. Saratoga has a race named the Waya.