October 15, 2009

Who Am I ???

*I won 7 out of 11 races during my championship season and 3 of 13 the rest of my career.

*I was bred at a legendary farm in Kentucky, but I never raced in Kentucky.

*I ran at 2, 3, and 4, but I did not win my first stakes race until I was 5-years-old.

*My father had all the qualities of a champion, although he never actually was one.

*I am a world traveler, fluent in three languages.

*In a three race stretch, I defeated two Hall-of-Famers, two Horses-of-the-Year, three Breeders’ Cup winners and four Eclipse Award winners.

*I was given a bad rap because of my name, I blame my mother.

*I had two different trainers, one is in the Hall of Fame, the other got in trouble with reptile juice.

*I have two wins in million dollar races.

*My six stakes wins came at five different racetracks and at five different distances.

*In my last career race, I finished 6th.

*I never raced in the Breeders’ Cup, although I did defeat two BC Classic winners and one BC Sprint winner.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Anonymous said...

Could it be John Henry?

Brian Zipse said...

No, it is not John Henry...Guess again!

Abitaamber said...

Summer Colony?

Brian Zipse said...

No, not Summer Colony. I did love that mare though Abitaamber.

Marti said...

To your credit Brian, you gave TWO incredibly good hints here! It was those that led me to the right horse! But it IS a tough one.

Brian Zipse said...

Uh-oh it sounds like Marti is teasing us. Go for it Marti, tell us who this horse is.

Marti said...

Criminal Type!

Marti said...

Just wanted to add...Brian's sneaky! You have to read between the lines sometimes to get his hints, LOL
He had two great ones here...
Reptile juice=Cob ra ven om, that narrowd it down to Bian cone, and then the name being a "bad rap" made all the bells and whistles go off, LOL...But I don't think most people were aware that Criminal Type was overseas for several years...so sometimes ya gotta do a little background checks to beat Brian! LOL
Love the series, keep 'em coming!

Celeste said...

The only clue I did figure out was the cobra venom - lol! Otherwise, I was still trying to check resources, but ran out of time due to errands, appointments.

LDP said...

I was wondering about that cobra venum to, so I did get that much out of the reptile juice clue. The bad rap one not so much. Never knew Criminal Type went over seas.

Brian Zipse said...

Congrats Marti Pants !!!

Brian Zipse said...

1990 Horse of the Year Criminal Type was bred at Calumet, began his career in France, and spent several years at stud in Japan.

Marti said...

LOL Brian...I like it! ;-)

Celeste, I am so obsessive about this stuff, I blew OFF an appointment to chase down which Biancone horse this was. I need extensive therapy!