January 21, 2010

Who Am I ???

*Bred in Kentucky, I was a grandson of two racing greats, one in America and one in England.

*As a 2-year-old, I was not healthy enough to make it to the races.

*I ran at thirteen tracks in nine states and I was a winner at seven tracks in six states.

*My first two stakes appearances were unsuccessful, finishing 13th and 11th respectively.

*I was ridden to victory by six different jockeys, four of whom are members of the Hall of Fame.

*I never won a race on the grass, but I ran awfully well in the times that I tried.

*My racing career consisted of three seasons, with my second season being clearly the best.

*In my 12 stakes wins, I won by an average of more than five lengths.

*I defeated my top rival in two out of our five meetings.

*Santa Anita was my favorite racetrack and it was also where I first became a star.

*I never won an Eclipse Award, but I received the ultimate honor many years later.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Marti said...


Brian Zipse said...

The first guess is by the reigning champ, unfortunately, Exceller won many times on the grass...sorry.

Marti said...

Oh hell, I glossed right over that turf clue, didn't I? LOL...well I am going to have to check back later, got lots o' dog grooming to get ot today! Hopefully I'll get another shot at it later!

Marti said...

Only other one who ran through my head was Gun Bow (yes, Brian, that's an answer, lol)...though there may be a turf issue here again, LOL..anyway, that's all I got without doing the research....was walking back by the computer with towels and dog shampoo....I am off!

Brian Zipse said...

Wammo! Gun Bow it is. In 1964 he won eight stakes and won two of five meetings with the great Kelso. Congratulations once again Marti...Were you the only one playing?

Huntington Equine said...

No she wasn't the only one playing! But I'm done now! Ha! The tie is over. Next week I have to tie it back up

Marti said...

Woohoo!! I was trying to think rivalries, that was your main clue for me Brian, and a HOF'er...but I got real undecided about GB...worried me we might have another turf winner w/out researching his record, LOL
Anyway...that was fun, thanks Brian (and Kelso, for the rivalry help!)...and Mr. Huntington...BRING IT! ;-)

Brian Zipse said...

Just kidding Billy...thousands were playing. You two are just the most skilled so far!

LDP said...

Darn! Brian, you need to make these harder, that way by the time I get back home I still have some time to play, lol. Nice work Marti.

Anonymous said...

Rats! I was just reading your "who am i" and got super excited becuase I actually knew this one...then I looked at the comment section and saw someone had alread said it!! (: I'm way too slow.