July 14, 2010

Who Am I ???

*I was a classic Kentucky bred with two Kentucky Derby winners in my pedigree.

*My two-season racing career produced one Eclipse Award championship.

*I raced at five tracks, in my relatively short career, and won at four of them. The only track where I did not win was the sight of my only off-the-board performance.

*Never let go at higher than 2-1, I was clearly popular with the bettors.

*My most memorable victory was special, you had to see it to believe it.

*I was once favored over a Hall of Fame inductee at Belmont, but I was not successful.

*As a sire, I have stood in three different countries and produced major winners all over the world.

*I was ridden by five different riders. Two are still riding and three are in Racing’s Hall of Fame.

*My accomplishment at Saratoga can be tied, but it will not be broken.

*I won my final career race, and defeated that year‘s Kentucky Derby winner in the process.

*Horse racing was my favorite sport, followed closely by roundball.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Anonymous said...

War Emblem

Brian Zipse said...

War Emblem is incorrect.

Michael said...

La Prevoyante?

tencentcielo said...


Brian Zipse said...

Sorry, it is not La Prevoyante, and sorry to everyone else ... it is Dehere!!!

Michael said...

Dah. Wrong column. Strike that filly guess.

Brian Zipse said...

Tencentcielo, you are now officially a Who Am I ??? force. Congratulations!

Silent Sunday said...

Good job tencent...soon as I found the answer I refreshed and BAM..there was your answer. Good job!!

Brian Zipse said...

Tell us all what gave it away ...

tencentcielo said...

"My accomplishment at Saratoga can be tied, but it will not be broken."

This clue was the MAJOR hint that it was a two-year-old horse. The only things that i would consider that fit this clue are:
Sweeping the 2 yo stakes
Winning a Grade 1 race on dirt and turf (at any point in the career or the same meet)
3yo winning 2 grade 1 against older at the meet

Since i couldn't find one for #3 and #2 has never happened, i knew it had to be a horse who had pulled #1. I remembered the last two (City Zip & Dehere), but i knew City Zip ran at 4, so Dehere had to be the answer.

Brian, you also helped by not putting out that note for Who Am I??? on Facebook, since that has been the Kiss if Death to my chances. :-)

NetworkEmpowerment said...

Nice going tencentcielo!