July 5, 2010

A Canadian Chip of the Old Block

Do you recall a horse named Tenpins? In the early part of the last decade, he became one of those horses who I had a ton of respect for. You know the type, tough as nails and game through the wire. He was not around for the Triple Crown of 2001, nor was he a star under the bright lights of New York or California. What he was … was a really good horse. The big chestnut won graded stakes in Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland and New Jersey. Tenpins won more than half of his lifetime starts and earned more than a million dollars. Much to my pleasure, I was able to catch a glimpse of this old warrior in the form of one of his sons. Big Red Mike is a three-year-old chestnut gelding who appears to have inherited not only his sire’s talent, but also his strong desire to get to the wire ahead of his competition. Yesterday he put these attributes to great use and became the equine toast of a nation.
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D.P. said...

Dead on Zipster! I absolutely loved Tenpins. Good to see his son win a big one.

Jennifer said...

Do you think that Big Red Mike can win the Triple Crown?

Brian Zipse said...

He was easy to love, D.P.

Jennifer, It is obviously very tough, but I think he has a shot. His front running style, toughness, and his turf breeding for the final leg, all strengthen his chances.