February 25, 2010

Who Am I ???

*I was bred in one nation, but ran exclusively in two other countries.

*In America, I ran at eight different racetracks in four different states, but all four of my grade 1 wins were in the same state.

*My eleven career wins were split almost evenly between turf and dirt.

*I was the best horse my conditioner ever trained.

*I was a multiple stakes winner on both dirt and turf, but all of my biggest wins came on one surface.

*Did my trainer make a terrible decision? What did I know…I just ran.

*I competed for four seasons, but all but one of my victories came during my three and four-year-old years.

*My father was exiled but fast. I did not know the meaning of deprivation.

*My favorite rider looks good on television and on the big screen.

*All of my grade 1 wins came in succession.

*I have been a success at stud; my top son was favored in the Kentucky Derby.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


tencentcielo said...

Street Cry

Abitaamber said...

In Excess?

Brian Zipse said...

Sorry tencentcielo, it is not Street Cry.

Brian Zipse said...

Abitaamber, you sir, are on a roll!

In Excess..18 minutes and it is all over. Two in a row for Abitaamber!

Abitaamber said...

throwing the Derby fav clue in there made it too easy, i pulled up the derby favs list. as soon as I saw Indian Charlie, I knew In Excess had to be it...the 1991 Classic vs. Mile fiasco!!!

Huntington Equine said...

Marti - looks like we have competition!

Nice job abitaamber! I was 3 minutes behind. Refreshed and it was too late. Love In Excess - love his sire Siberian Express WAY MORE! The Caro (IRE) line is a long time favorite for me.

Nice job again!

Huntington Equine said...
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Brian Zipse said...

As the field grows, the times get faster. "Too easy" seems to be a clear and present challenge...Who Am I??? will take the difficulty level up a few notches starting next week.

Silent Sunday said...

Good job Abitaamber!

Abitaamber said...

Brian, it wasn't too easy...just that one clue was...you immediately narrowed it down considerably on just that one clue.

Kimness said...

Was Gary Stevens his jockey????

Brian Zipse said...

Correct Kimness, Gary Stevens was his most regular rider.