December 3, 2009

Who Am I ???

*I am a member of the Hall of Fame and was a Horse of the Year in my home country.

*My father was an Irishman, my grandfathers were French and American, and I was none of these.

*I set a world record in the United States that still stands today.

*I was a winner in more than half of my 23 races, although many remember me for my 2nd place finishes.

*I could win on turf or dirt, but I was best on the lawn.

*I was best at extended distances, but I was talented enough to be undefeated as a juvenile.

*I achieved something great in my native land that only six other horses have ever done.

*My brother ended a Triple Crown quest in America.

*I finished 2nd in my only Breeders' Cup attempt, but I am proud to say, my grandson did me one better.

*My breeding career has taken me to the Bluegrass State and then across the pond to the UK.

*As a sire, I have been a success, fathering champions on both sides of the Atlantic, and like me, horses that could run on dirt or turf.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Michael said...

I guess I'll throw out the first name.....Tom Swift......hoping that Tom Fool may have spoiled a TC bid.

Michael said...

Scratch that....Forgot about the BC clue and he wasn't in the BC.

Brian Zipse said...

Sorry Michael, Tom Swift is incorrect.

Michael said...

With Approval.....winner of the Canadian Triple Crown?

Brian Zipse said...

Your answer meets my approval Michael. The answer is indeed Canadian Triple Crown winner With Approval. Congrats Michael!

CiarĂ¡n said...

well that was some fun googling! congrats Michael!

Anonymous said...

A nice horse, I saw him set the record at Belmont, in the Bowling Green I believe. I did not realize that he went to England. Is he still alive?


Brian Zipse said...

With Approval is alive and well and standing at Lanwades Stud in Newmarket, England. You are right it was the Bowling Green where he ran the fastest 1 3/8 ever.