November 12, 2009

Who Am I ???

*I won races in three different countries, but the United States was not one of them.

*Five of my wins were at 2, and five of my wins were at 3.

*I was a class act; my record in Group/Grade 1 stakes was seven wins and one 2nd out of eight races.

*Ireland is where I was born and bred and reside today.

*All of my races were less than a mile at 2, while none of my races were less than a mile at 3.

*13 was my unluckiest number of all.

*England is where I raced the most, won the most, and won my most important race.

*My grandsire was an undefeated American.

*Man U has always been my favorite team, I try to avoid all arguments, and I am cool with my owners.

*One of my breeders also went on to be my trainer.

*I am proud to be a classic winner in two countries and a former Horse of the Year.

*I own a world record for my streak, a streak that came to an end when I visited the United States.

You should know by now … Who Am I ???


Ciarán said...

THE ROCK! rock of gibraltar

Brian Zipse said...

That was too quick! Europe strikes again, well done Ciarán!

Marti said...

Rock Of Gibraltar...and I see I got beaten to it..drat! I HATE Thursdays, 'cause I am almost always gone in the mornings when this gets posted, LOL
Congrats to Ciaran


Silent Sunday said...

I was totally clueless as usual. But now I know, and knowing is half the power. lol

Ciarán said...

sorry Marti! Drinks are on me in the ZATT Clubhouse!